MC Collision repair Miami

Get your vehicle back on the road with
our expert collision repair services!

Get your vehicle back on the road with our expert collision repair services!

Miami Collision Repair Center

Certified Collision and Auto Body Repair

MC Collision Miami is your go-to place for making cars awesome again after accidents; we take care of from paintless dent removals to assisting with insurance claims, so you can hit the road worry-free!

Auto Collision repair miami

Collision Repair

If the vehicle's paint is damaged or needs refinishing, we strip, prime, paint, and clear-coat it to match the original paint.​
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Damage Assessment

Technicians inspect the vehicle to assess the extent of the damage and create a repair plan.
Auto Collision repair Center miami

Frame Damage

If the vehicle's frame or structural components are damaged, specialized equipment is used to straighten or replace them.
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Wheel Alignment

If the collision has misaligned the vehicle's wheels, wheel alignment services realign them for better performance and tire durability.
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Mechanical Repairs

This can involve repairing or replacing damaged mechanical components like suspension pieces, exhaust systems, or cooling systems.
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With skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we're committed to reviving your car's appearance and functionality to its prime condition.
MC Collision repair Miami

Truck Collision

Truck collision repair services encompass a range of repair solutions for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles involved in accidents or collisions

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